The Sims team dropped a teaser, via Snapchat, for the upcoming expansion pack The Sims 4 Get Famous. Collectively, our old soul simselves were shookith!! The Sims Superstar is BACK! And this time, it’s going to be scary good!

Likewise we’re giving away a copy of the expansion pack. Those details are at the end of this article, we hope you read this, but we know why you’re really here.

Gather round the Snapchat children, especially if you never played sims superstar, these old souls have some tea to spill. We at the sims global believe this may be the best new pack this year, sorry seasons, your time has been had. It was a good run.

The sims superstar released 15 years ago, when technology was still pretty darn young in the sims. Superstar was an amazing expansion pack filled with real celebrities like Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera, back then that was a big deal, to some of our younger simmers you may be shaking your heads asking why that’s news… so imagine it’s like Halsey and Ariana Grande were placed in the game. Some may not be happy about it, but the fans of those celebrities would be ecstatic! We’re also hoping Marilyn Monroe makes an appearance again… #FingersCrossed

At any rate, with all of the amazing creators within the sims global community, we’re 1000% positive you’ll be able to jam pack your game full of any and every celebrity your little hearts desire. Be sure to hop on over to our forum to request a sim.

So let’s recap some important news on what’s to come in the sims 4 get famous because we’re honestly stoked about the revival of a classic. The community was polled on their opinion of the newest expansion and they also agree, its refreshing to see the sims team go back to the roots of sims one and breathe new life into a game we haven’t had in so many years. While 5% of the sims global community members who were polled stated they were not interested at all, the vast majority said they love it and will be adding it to their game. As many of the sims global community members pointed out, “each pack adds in something new that we love, and while some of the gameplay features may not be what we’re looking for (we’re looking at you university fans) the new interactions, careers, build/buy mode items, CAS items, and much more are well worth it when you look at this pack as a whole.

New world : Del Sol Valley

Del Sol Valley looks amazing, another city-scape world to add to our ever growing list of worlds

New careers : Actor (commercial & Tv) and Influencer.

We can’t wait to try out these new careers and the sets that come along with these career paths. Check out these shots from the trailer.

We’re pretty positive The Sims team are fans of West World and Game of Thrones.

Can become famous with old careers (famous chef, painter, writer etc): 

Finally! We will be able to be famous for a variety of different things, this will not only make gameplay more fun, but it adds another level of realism to the game. We may be looking for a George RR Martin sim…

Can get diamond with Sim’s name on it in starlight boulevard: 

We anticipate this may be similar to the celebrity status feature that came with the sims 3 late night.

Drama club for kids and teens :

This is a new feature of the game, we’re excited that children will be included in the new acting skills and actions.

Kids can be famous (to some degree) :

We are stoked about this. We anticipate this to be like the aspiration feature, where the child sims progress is shorter and then the rewards cross over into adulthood. So for instance your child sims maximizes their celebrity status and transitions into adulthood, they are now a B list actor. We can only imagine some of the fallen child star stories some of our community members will come up with.

For more information regarding the sims 4 get famous, we highly recommend you make room in your schedule to catch the following live streams from The Sims Team.

Live stream schedule:

– 26th of October 11am PT (acting and cas)

– 2nd of November 11am PT (fame and reputation)

– 9th of November 11am PT (Del Sol Valley and build/buy)

We’re also giving away a copy of the sims 4 get famous. To enter all you need to do is use the contest form below to sign up/register to be a member of our brand new forum, it’s 100% free.

Can’t wait to see our names in lights!

May Your Plumbobs Always Be Green,

Sims Global Team.


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